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  Vehicle Club Registration

To ensure you have trouble free motoring, please make sure you visit the VicRoads Club Permit links to stay on top of your obligations & responsibilities having Club Registration for your beloved vehicle.  We all have rules to follow, and these rules dont bend to suit our needs. We all follow the same guidelines.  Granted the links are for Victorians, if you're interstate, please make sure you're in touch with the relevant body as rules change from state to state.

VicRoads Club Permit Scheme
What you need to get Club Rego.

Your evidence of identity for the club permit holder

If the club permit holder will be a company or incorporated association a completed authority to act as an agent form. Visit register on behalf of someone else for more information

Original completed Club Permit Application form

Original completed Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration for Club Permit Vehicles form
An original Certificate of Roadworthiness (for vehicles manufactured after 1949, it is optional for pre 1949 manufactured vehicles)

Payment of fees that will include the TAC, Registration fee and log book fee

Evidence of ownership or management of the vehicle. This can be a contract of sale or receipt that must show the VIN/chassis number; engine number; name, address and signature of previous owner; name and address of the new owner and date of the transaction.

An original VASS Approval Certificate (if applicable, see above check what certificates you need)
Note: All documents must be original, certified copies or fax are not accepted.

Dated photographs of your car.  Pictures must be of the per VicRoads guidelines.
- Front
- Driver's Side
- Rear
- Driving Position (side on with the driver's door open)
AND...where possible, any identifiers such as Chassis Number & Engine Number.
Vehicle Eligibility & Standards Declaration For Club Permit Vehicles
Club Permit Application
Once the documents are filled out, along with required photos & paid membership, a Club Office Bearer will sign off the documents and this will allow you to lodge the forms to VicRoads.  This can take up to 14 days to process.

The photographs of your vehicle and you details are to be securely held by the club and not issued to any other body.  This privacy is taken very seriously as the club office bearers are exactly like you...passionate Sandman owners.  Your privacy will be respected and treated like our own.

When you are successful attaining Club Rego, your log book is YOUR responsibility


These actions will be reported to VicRoads.  We are all under the same rules and want fairness across the board.  Ones actions will not jeapodise other members club tolerance policy.  Be Warned.

A pattern of incorrect use of a log book by a club member

A club permit vehicle operated by a club member is not an eligible vehicle

A club member has ceased to be a financial member of the club

A club permit vehicle is suspected of being used for commercial gain

A club member has failed to restore a vehicle to safe condition or has failed to prove compliance with Vehicle Standards and/or appropriate modification guidelines following a notification from the club

A vehicle operated by one of its members under a club permit has been sold or otherwise disposed of and the club permit log book and club permit were not destroyed on disposal as required by the Road Safety Regulations 2009 and/or the club permit plates were not removed

A vehicle operated by one of its members under a club permit has been disposed of with the intention of undermining the club permit scheme (for example, a club permit vehicle has been sold to a 'friend' so that a new log book can be obtained, but the previous owner continues to utilise the vehicle)